DIR® is a Developmental, Individual-differences, Relationship-based model used to understand the development of a child and provide family-centered support and intervention for a child to reach his/her’s fullest potential. The model is centered around the basic needs of human development and relationships: the need to remain calm and attentive, develop love and understanding, engage with others, problem solve and communicate, play creatively, build connections, and develop abilities to logically and creatively think. DIRFloortime® is the application of DIR® into practice.

The Developmental portion of the model focuses on understanding where the child is currently and using the six foundational levels for emotional and intellectual growth.

The Individual Differences part of the model focuses on the unique biological needs of the child, especially related to his/her sensory processing and regulation abilities.

The Relationship-based component is core to this model, where long term relationships are created with family and/or caregivers, therapists, and other individuals that are an integral part of the child’s development.

Though the premise of the model is to take place on the floor, Floortime can take place anytime, anywhere whether at home, school, therapy including in conjunction with other treatment approaches (such as hippotherapy), and out in the community.